Shipping Disruptions

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It’s Christmas today. Merry Christmas to all of you!

While I welcome the break, but in actual fact, business is as usual for CyberpartyGal’s WebStore, I feel bad that I would not be able to ship out my packages as soon as I would like to Normally I try to provide same day shipping to my buyers because as an online shopper myself, I too am impatient and would like to get my hands on my purchases as soon as possible.

Well, what to do when today, being Christmas, the post office is close as well. The problem though, is that Friday, 26th December, which is also called Boxing Day, is a working day here in Malaysia. While some offices close on Saturday, it is a full working day for Pos Malaysia, thankfully.

27th December, 2008 is a Sunday and once again, there will be no shipping. Monday is Awal Muharram which is also a public holiday; which means, shipping for December for next week is only on 30th and 31st December, 2008. And then we welcome the New Year of 2009 with a national holiday once again on the first.

I was just telling one of my buyers that I could ship out his package tomorrow, on 26th December, 2008 but if Pos Malaysia fails to deliver his package on schedule, then I’m afraid that he would have to wait till 30th December, 2008. I hope that things will go as planned, though, so that there will be less wait time.

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