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As we all know, Twitter has taken the social world by storm with its micro blogging style, answering the question of “What are you doing now?” Well, enterprising netrepreneurs have come up with micro-classifieds and micro-payment. You can now buy and sell using your Twitter account thanks to application like Tweebay. You can also make payments using Twitpay once you have decided to buy from your Twitter buddy.

However, the way Twitpay works is rather funny. I guess that because these two applications are so new, the developers of these two applications need time to further explore options on how to better integrate their applications into Twitter and complement each other.

I believe that Tweebay or even Twitpay is not for most of us. We have so many other options to buy and sell online and I don’t see why we should use something limited like these apps on Twitter. In any case, it would be interesting to see how well they could further expand in the near future.

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2 thoughts on “Tweebay & Twitpay

  1. Paul here from Tweebay.

    You might want to check back onto the Tweebay site, things have changed.

    The original site set out to achieve 3 things, first show how cool twitter is and how easy the api is to use, secondly show that you DONT have to give out your twitter password to use a service and thirdly that something quite cool can be achieved in a short space of time and micro listing is coming of age.

    People really seem to like the service so i have expanded on its original functions. You can now pay using checkout, true classified listings and much much more.

    We love feedback and really appreciate the kind words people are saying about tweebay.

    Happy New Year

    Paul Rawlings´s last blog – Save Money on Unique Products

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