Unlimited PayPal Buyer Protection For Purchases on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk

Here’s good news for all of us who shop on eBay.com and eBay.co.uk, especially this holiday season where we are buying more than usual.

PayPal and eBay have extended unlimited Buyer Protection to us but only on their eBay.com and eBay.co.uk portals. I think that this is great BUT to be eligible for this unlimited buyer protection programme, make sure that you have followed the requirements exactly before even paying for your purchases.

Firstly, as mentioned, the item sold must be listed on eBay.com OR eBay.co.uk. You have to pay for your item IN FULL via PayPal by clicking on the “Pay Now” PayPal button on the invoice that your Seller issued to you or on your winning page on eBay.

Also, the item purchased must be a tangible (physical) item, an item that could be shipped to you. You can make a claim if you did not receive your item or if the item is grossly misinterpreted in the description. Of course, proof must be provided.

If you decide to lodge a claim, raise a dispute within 45 days from the day of payment and escalate it to a claim within 20 days from raising a dispute if a satisfactory reply is not received from your Seller.

PayPal will review your case and decide on reimbursement and the quantum.

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