Big Bopper Casket May Not Be eBayed After All

Just a few days ago, the son of legendary Rock n’ Roller Jiles Perry Richardson, Jay Richardson, announced that he would be auctioning off his father’s metal casket on eBay to raise funds for projects aiming to keep his father’s name alive.

Today, Jay says that there is only a hundred to one chance that it will be on eBay and that he has a few more ideas on what to do with the casket, including donating it to a museum, sinking it into the ocean and compressing with a heavy-duty crusher.

Maybe Jay has a very good offer now so he doesn’t need to go through the auction marketplace or he is afraid that nobody will bid on it, that’s why this change of heart. LOL But seriously, who would want to buy a used coffin? And where would the buyer keep it? *shudders*

Sources: Exclaim News

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& FOXNews

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