Creating Web Presence Cheaply

A few months ago, if you remember, I was asking around for the best way to build a simple website. A few friends did try to help, not exactly help by building it for me, but giving me links to resources and I was supposed to read them up and build my own site. SIGH… technical jargon in web building is like Greek to me, frankly. I don’t blame them for not going all out for me because everyone is busy with their own thing.

I gave up on the idea of building my website but came across Web Presence Two

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just now; a company that helps small businesses and individuals create a web presence with a simple, fully functional website. These websites come with a blog, RSS Feed, Content System Management and are SEO-ed. That’s very important, I think.

It looks like I don’t have to give up my dream of a simple website because rates start from only $850, which is quite affordable, luckily. If you have also been searching for a website design company that does not charge four-figure sums, go with Web Presence Two. I am sure they would be able to meet your web requirements at your budget without compromising on quality.

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