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Even though I run a small business only, I get plenty of email enquiries daily. I have a few email accounts and use them for various purposes. Even though I have two mailboxes for business, one for backup purposes, I find that I need a most effective way to back up my email. The unimportant ones are deleted but there are still many that I have to keep as record.

I discussed about email archiving solutions with a friend whom I know receives even more email than I! Yes, his business is really thriving! I told him about my method of archiving email by emailing the important copies to my other back up account. He said that there is a seamless way to it by using

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Email Archiving Software. I am sure I have heard of it but I have didn’t explore this option and conveniently forgot about it!

I took the opportunity to visit the website of Sherpa Software just now and am glad that we could apply for a trial run of the email archiving software, though it is not mentioned how many days this trial will last.

In any case, this is good news to me as I am rather fussy when it comes to software and if a program is easy to use and it works for me perfectly, I would gladly upgrade my subscription.

*** This post was brought to you by Sherpa Software ***

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