Email: eBay – Confirm Your Account

Yesterday, I received an email from “eBay” to my public email address that is not on file with eBay. That’s easy to spot that it’s a fraudulent email. As could be seen in this screenshot of the email, I have circled the small issues that one should spot in such an email.

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First of all, it uses Cyrillic alphabets, which is commonly used by Russians. And then this email did not address me by my real name. It says, “eBay Member” instead.

Another thing to not is that the link provided is wrong. The real eBay sign in page starts with https://

Of course, even if you do SEE that the link giving in an email may start with https://, you should place your cursor over it to see on the status bar if that’s the real link. in any case, never click on links in email and private messages.

And lastly, in this email, note all the grammatical errors. You don’t even have to check if the “sender” is a real eBay staff. LOL

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