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My cousin sister, Sophia, is currently based in Madrid, Spain. Actually, she has been there for a couple of years already. She told me that she plans to set up a personal website with a blog to better keep in touch with her family and friends in Malaysia and cousins in various parts of the world.

Sophia consulted me because I’m like the blogging authority in my family. I encourage her to go for it and totally agree that she should maintain a blog seeing how much she travels in the course of work. Facebook just isn’t enough anymore.

Sophia wondered if she should host with a webhosting company in Spain or in Malaysia. Frankly, I read that it is better to host a website in a country where you are. I am not sure what advantages there are by doing so. I have sites hosted in Malaysia and other countries and I do not see the difference.

However, I did tell her that if she hosts with a Spanish web hosting company; I only know of ONE company, and they offer reasonable hosting packages in Alojamiento Web Hosting, I figured it would be more convenient for her. At least they are in the same time zone and it would be easier for her when technical support is required.

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