Installing Water Filter System At Home

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit my friend at his home. It was not planned but since we went shopping for Chinese New Year goodies and his house was just nearby, we decided to drop by.

I was a little surprised to discover that his mother installed a Water Softener and filter system for the entire home. For my home, we also have installed a water filter but ours is not a central filter compared to my friend’s.

What surprised me was that I understand that they have been going through some financially tough times yet they have this water filter newly installed. My friend told me that his mother is very particular in they food they eat and the water they drink. She is determined to provide the best she could afford for the family, and that starts with their water source.

My friend told me that now that he has been drinking such clean water, he finds it difficult to drink water from other sources. He said that he even realized that the water that he had been drinking previously had a smell and tasted funny too!

My friend’s mother said that although buying the system may initially seem expensive because she came up with a lump sum in payment, the system is self-maintaining so it is cheap in the long run.

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