Moneybookers and PayMate on eBay Starting February, 2009

This should come as good news to eBay sellers who have been calling for a change to its payment policy. For many months now, we have had to make do with PayPal only, but many eBay sellers have been rather vocal in standing up for their rights as sellers on eBay and are not will to pay ridiculous PayPal fees on top of eBay listing fees.

I am glad to inform that beginning next month, eBay will include two new payment options, namely Moneybookers and Paymate. I am not sure yet if they will be adding these two payment options across all eBay sites or just starting with first but this certainly is welcome competition for PayPal.

I don’t, however, hold any account with Moneybookers or PayMate yet, but if they appear to be more viable, I don’t mind testing their service out. Most important for me will be the convenience in cashing out funds to Malaysia, which we could now do flawlessly with our PayPal funds.

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