myBayar Government Online Payment Portal

I went to Public Bank in my neighbourhood to withdraw some money through the ATM last evening and noticed that in some machines, they were introducing myBayar. I have not heard of it and decided to check it up online.

It looks like it’s a payment system to any and all Malaysian Government ministries, agencies and public bodies that we have to make payment to. This is supposed to make life easy for us to settle our fees, bills, summonses, fines, etc.

I visited the website of myBayar at and frankly, navigation

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was bad, presentation of the service was worse. I didn’t get any extra information than I already have.

It looks like they have a list of agencies that accept online banking and for various payments. Clicking on the links will take us to the internet banking portal of various banks within the page.

I seriously wonder how this myBayar would help because they do not have a central payment system but go though different banks. For example, Agency A may accept payment via MayBank and Agency B may accept payment via RHB Bank only. So, if we do not have an RHB Bank account, how would myBayar help me?

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One thought on “myBayar Government Online Payment Portal

  1. First time key in but almost 2 hour and still
    cant log in. i hold a citibank credit card, after register on line but get in to pay my assessment. poor service ……

    it was double standard as MPN (nilai) won’t accept personal chq but other majlis accept.

    very bad servive this gorvernment
    just talk, poor 1 m’sia. come the end still see the colour.

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