Neighbor Problem

The neighbor who lives opposite of us is giving his house a major renovation. Can you believe that after seven months, the house is still not completed yet? I am fine with the time it’s taking him to renovate a small house because I know that he wants his house to be “perfect”.

The problem I have with him is the way he has carelessly dispose off asbestos of the old house. I am not sure if he is using any new asbestos now but there definitely is a proper way to dispose something as poisonous as asbestos.

He may not know the danger he is posing to our health. Perhaps I should put him in touch with a Mesothelioma lawyer friend to let him know the kind of cases that he handles. Hopefully true accounts will help him to understand why he should get rid of that pile of asbestos in front of his house, and mine, as soon as possible and properly too!

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