Only REAL Jewelry, Please

When I was young, I didn’t mind wearing colorful plastic accessories. As I grew older, I wore costume jewelry. Don’t be surprise if I tell you that not all costume jewelries are cheap! Some could cost a lot too, especially those jewelry sets, that we could even buy real jewelry, albeit low range ones.

At my age now, it is either I do not wear any jewelry or when I do wear it on occasion, I want it to be the real deal. After all, I am a working adult now with my own income and should not fee guilty when I reward myself once in a while with, say, a pair of Diamond Earrings, an exquisite necklace, pendant or bracelet, right?

When I was told of the website of World Jewels, the first person I thought of was this friend of mine who has told me numerous times that she never received a wedding ring even though she has been married for close to ten years already.

I can understand that she and her husband may not be able to afford one when they got married but now, they could easily afford a matching pair of His & Hers diamond wedding bands. I think the husband has conveniently forgotten about it!

If that is the case, my friend should drop heavy hints by browsing World Jewels in front of him!

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