‘The Big Bopper’ Coffin To Be eBay-ed

The son of J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson will be auctioning off his late father’s coffin on eBay. The listing is not up yet but 49-year-old Jay Richardson has already sounded his intention. Some of you Rock n’ Roll lovers may remember the horrific plane crash on Feb 3, 1959, which claimed the lives of J.P. Richardson, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly. Jay was born three months later.

The coffin in question is a 16-gauge steel casket that has been on display at the Texas Musicians Museum in Hillsboro since late 2007 when the body of The Big Bopper was exhumed and reburied at another spot with a new casket. This means that the body has been kept in the steel casket for 48 long years.

Firstly, I wonder how much Jay Richardson will be seeking for this casket. It surely would mean something to fans of Rock n’ Roll, if not to fans of The Big Bopper. Jay says that he plans to use proceeds from this auction to produce a musical show on his father and other projects to keep his memory alive.

Even so, I believe many superstitious people would not want to take home this casket if it was given away free. It would be interesting too see, though, how much this used casket would be able to fetch. Let’s wait for the listing to appear on eBay first, and the photos!


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