1869 Baseball Card Won For US$64,073

A month ago, I wrote about the elderly lady who found a

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1869 rare antique baseball card in a box in her basement where she attempted to sell on eBay for $10. After receiving a slew of enquiries questioning the authenticity of her baseball card, Bernice Gallego had second thoughts and pulled it off eBay so that she could do a little research on the card.

It turns out that Bernice Gallego and her husband run an antique store too so she is like an old hand in the game of collectibles. Bernice Gallego’s 1869 baseball card, said to be the very first baseball card, received so much attention that she was featured on the Jay Leno show and other online media sites like Yahoo! Sports. Publicity upped the value of the card.

Yesterday, after three weeks of intense bidding conducted by auction house Memory Lane Inc., the card was won at US$64,073, although the buyer, Jeff Rosenberg of Houston, who is the president and CEO of Tristar Productions, a company that organizes and promotes sports memorabilia shows across the United States had to pay a final price of US$75,285.78, inclusive of a 17.5% buyer’s premium to Memory Lane Inc.

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