Choosing The Right Shipping Mode To Offer

One thing that we online sellers have to figure out when we venture into this business is to select the most appropriate shipping mode to offer to our buyers. Although we could offer alternative shipping, here I am referring to default shipping.

When I first started, I offered Pos Dafter. I later changed to Pos Ekspres and Poslaju because the difference in charges is slight but the difference in delivery times is significant.

Those who ship international have to decide on international courier services

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like DHL or FedEx. By the way, DHL has a tie-up with eBay for eBay sellers in Asia Pacific which could cut down delivery time by up to 50%.

The thing is, no matter what shipping we offer our buyers, we have to ensure that they know the risks involved. They could decline your shipping mode and request for a cheaper service, like ordinary mail for domestic delivery or surface mail for international delivery.

In any case, make it known that you, the seller, is not responsible for the package once it leaves your hands. Any risk is borne by buyer.

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