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If you were a fan of 80s hits, you would remember Jenny’s number 867-5309, a Tommy Tutone hit which was released in his “Tommy Tutone 2” album.

A New Jersey DJ, Spencer Potter, who was assigned this number five years ago by his phone company, Vonage, has put up his DJ business on eBay, listing 867-5309 as his business number.

Technically, no one owns any phone number besides the phone companies, so Spencer Potter is unable to sell off the most popular phone number of the 80s “as is” but has received green light from Vonage to transfer the number to the winner of the auction, who will be the new owner of the DJ business.

According to Spencer Potter, the number receives about 40 calls a day from random people curious about the number and/or Jenny. Auction for 867-5309 started at a modest US$100 in late January, but has hit more than US$400,000 at the time of writing, after being featured on CNN.

There are actually more than a dozen 867-5309 phone numbers but with different prefixes for each state. And then there are the toll free 800 and 888 numbers. According to the subscriber of the toll free numbers, Jeffrey Steinberg, he was offered a million dollars a few years ago by a weight loss company. He rejected the offer but seeing how hot this auction is, he plans to put his on auction as well.

Popular phone numbers like these, which are already stuck in many of our minds, are great for marketers. They are already a brand by themselves.

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