Frustrated With Joybidders

One thing that my friends, who are online traders, and myself notice is that with the global economic slowdown, there seems to be a big increase in joybidders.

I would like to think that these joybidders did not set out to create hassle for sellers but they changed their minds after winning an item and decided not to pay for it because something came out and they are not able to afford it anymore, or they thought they shouldn’t pay for

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it lest they break their budget.

Sellers are still frustrated even though they may not lose money because a lot of time is wasted dealing with joybidders and our item is tied up and we are not able to resell it until the entire procedure is completed to enable us to report a joybidder and claim our fees.

Even though I hate joybidders too, I would appreciate if these joybidders would just let me know that they have changed their minds in buying my item so that I could move on with my trade and not think that these joybidders are just slow payers.

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