Life Size Video Conferencing

I had the opportunity to visit my Uncle at his office over the Chinese New Year holidays. Normally, he wouldn’t even have time to entertain me. I had wanted to visit him for a long while now and to see how he manages to run a few offices in various cities throughout the country.

My Uncle is in the distance learning business and depends heavily on video conferencing technology. Don’t be surprised, my Uncle may be almost 70 now but he is really fast in catching up with technology. He caught up to the benefits of video conferencing a couple of years ago and has not looked back since.

Luckily, video conferencing hardware is affordable and in fact, cheaper than physically commuting to and from his various offices. Besides, using video conferencing, my Uncle could easily set up meetings with his company directors, his staff, lecturers and also students. Since adopting the technology, my Uncle didn’t have to travel as much and that saves a lot of time which he could use it to more effectively run his business.

For people who have yet to see the benefits and advantages of video conferencing, they really should explore this technology. In fact, it is suitable for many sectors, from

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Telemedicine to online education to corporate offices.

By using life-size video conferencing equipment, we could communicate with our counterparts in any corner of the world, as if we were in the same room!

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