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Working from home, I hardly have the opportunity to dress up for work. My friends are envious of me, and funnily, I am envious of them and their office wear and power suits! That’s why each time I have to meet up with my suppliers, which is like just once or twice every quarter, I try to get myself something more appropriate to wear. I can’t wear my old suits anymore as they would be out of style by then.

Just this morning, while trying to check out the latest Spring 2009 apparel for working ladies, I was informed of this deal from

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Roman Originals where a matching skirt or pants comes free with the purchase of selected normal priced jackets.

Even if what we want may not come with a free matching bottom, there’s a good selection of suits that are being sold at a steep discount for both tops and bottoms. Don’t we just love that? In addition, Roman Originals is offering free shipping to orders over £75 to be delivered to UK and Northern Ireland addresses. This means even greater savings for shoppers.

If you think that’s all, there’s greater news. Place yourself on the mailing list to enjoy 20% off your order today and be in the running to win £250 worth of Roman Originals shopping vouchers each week. That would be a great opportunity for a wardrobe makeover!

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One thought on “Roman Originals Awesome Shopping Deals

  1. I just filled up my spring wardrobe from Roman Originals. As I work in an office environment I have to dress smart for work and so bought some jackets and got the matching trousers/skirt for free, what a bargain!

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