Bye Bye To My eBay Classic

A little while back, I wrote about the retirement of the old eBay search engine. Soon, eBay will also retire My eBay Classic, but they will start with eBay UK first. This means that eBayers who prefer My eBay Classic will no longer be able to opt out of the new eBay settings and continue using My eBay Classic.

I have long decided that My eBay Classic is a whole lot friendlier to use than the new eBay, though I must admit that since the early days there had been a lot of changes and improvements, but sometime in the near future, there will be no choice but to use the new one because there will only

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be ONE version.

Although I do not find the new My eBay friendly, I believe that if I want to continue using a particular service, I will play their game by their own rules. I will accept and adapt to it. I just wonder when this change will come into effect on eBay Malaysia.

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