eBay Green Team

eBay today launched its Green Team, to open to more people, especially users of eBay. It was

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previously a closed door effort among eBay employees around the world only but now, in an effort to reach out to more people, eBay has decided to open up and get as many of us to think Green, buy and sell Green, basically just Go Green, in our daily lives.

In an effort to promote this initiative and encourage more eBay members to sign up, new members stand a chance to win US$5000 in Green shopping vouchers.

I have to admit that although I am all for going Green and in fact, I sometimes think Green when I remember, joining a community would help me to be more committed to the cause. Besides, eBay’s Green Team website has lots of tips and stories to help us think Greener every day.

With the help of eBay users around the world, eBay’s Green efforts which started from eBay employees would now have a bigger impact in saving energy and reducing global warming.

Source: eBay Green Team

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