Investment & Investment Fraud

A friend was telling me that the economy looks bleaker in the second half of the year where more people are expected to lose their jobs, they are no longer able to service their home loans and there will be even more bank foreclosures.

I told him to look at it this way; that the economic downturn has

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provided those people who have extra cash on hand to catch up with the rich folks, who may be slightly affected by this downturn and had slight dents to their fortune.

A good way to catch up right now is to place some money on stocks and property. However, investments, at any time, carry risks and we have to be prepared for these risks and learn to live with our investment decisions, rightly or wrongly.

One thing, though, is that although investment may seem like an easy thing to do as long as we have capital, I personally know of a few people who became victims of Investment Fraud. I wouldn’t say that it was because of their greed but they had been duped.

So what happens to these victims of investment fraud? Do they have no recourse at all? The best option is to speak to an investment fraud lawyer, of course. Although I know that many people would rather just keep mum about their awful experience, I for one would fight for justice if it had happened to me!

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