New Public Bank Savings Plan

I received a phone call from Public Bank Ipoh Garden this evening and the lady asked if I could go to her office as she wanted to introduce a new savings plan to me as I have a savings account with Public Bank and she said that the new plan would earn me higher interest.

I turned her down, because no way I was going all the way to the bank, in the rain, just to hear her pitch a sales talk for ten to fifteen minutes. In fact, I thought that it was pretty preposterous of her to ask me to go instead of sending me the information by mail or email and then follow up with a phone call.

Her call came in at 5.06pm and I guess she expected me to fly over before they close for the day. I told her I wasn’t free, which was the truth but she said that she will give me a call next week, even when I told her that I would make an appointment with her when

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I am able to make it.

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