In The Market For A Used Car

I have been searching for used car advertisements online, whether in online classifieds or auction marketplaces. Well, I am not going to search for a car from a used car dealer because their prices are terrible.

Anyway, since I intend to only buy directly from owners, I have no choice but to look for my car online. You know, people are very web savvy now so car owners know that by advertising their car online, they could reach out to an even wider circle of potential used car buyers.

I know that there are a lot of fraud cases online, especially for expensive items like cars. Let’s face it, even for used cars, they do run into thousands, OK? However, I am not going to part with any money until and unless the car is successfully transferred.

There is always a risk in buying something expensive online if we opt to meet for a Cash On Delivery transaction. Luckily I could rely on my father and/or brother who would be testing out the car for me and also handling the cash. In fact, I wouldn’t even turn up. LOL One can’t be too safe these days!

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