5 Free Auction Listings Monthly On eBay

I just read eBay’s latest announcement this morning where they are giving sellers five free auction listings per month – free as in $0 insertion fee, though Final value Fee would still be applicable under the new pricing.

To enjoy this freebie, you have to make sure to list your item using the simple listing form or eBay’s Sell Your Item form. This means that if you are using a third party tool, normal fees will apply and you will not enjoy this $0 insertion fee for five items every 30 days.

Now, I know that a lot of people are scoffing at this offer and why not when the money saved is not that much plus the new pricing for Final Value Fees (FVF) doesn’t help matters at all but I think that this is great for small time sellers who are selling items that are not that expensive.

Personally, though, I am not even sure if I would be able to benefit from this special offer. It’s “only” five per month. Wouldn’t it be better if eBay allowed us to list for free and only take a cut if we managed to sell our items? That would be even better than Amazon’s flat monthly fee!

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One thought on “5 Free Auction Listings Monthly On eBay

  1. Typical ebay tactics:This is a fee increase for most. I got this email announcment from ebay about their “exciting Seller news”. It is more like outrageous news for a small seller like me. In effect: With the new 8.75 percent FVFees across the board they have raised FVFees nearly 5 PERCENT on the first 5 items I list every month that sell for between $45 and $450. I will be looking into using a third party listing tool…

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