Collective Effort

I got to know that quite a few people have fallen victim to a scammer on eBay Malaysia recently where the seller (a man) vamoosed after receiving payment, which he requested to be deposited into a woman’s account which he claims is his girlfriend.

Although this is not something new and to be protected on eBay, Lelong and other similar marketplaces, we have been told not to bank in any money to accounts that are not held by the seller himself PLUS never trade if we are not the winner of the auction, there are still people who make common mistakes

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like these. These victims are probably new to the online auction scene.

While some people think that it’s useless to make a police report, I think that if every victim were to do so and do so collectively, they could at least bring justice to their case even though they may not be able to recoup their monetary loss.

From reading the experiences of scam victims who made police reports, the outcome could be quite disheartening but we have to continually push forward. If you are a victim of an online fraud, you could also lodge a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

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