Hugh Jackman Autographed X-Men Wolverine Claw

All my friends are hitting the cinemas this week to catch Hugh Jackman’s latest movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. X-Men is really not my kind of movie though I may catch it later when the crowd has receded. I don’t even remember if I did watch the first X-men movie. I think I did. It’s either my memory is so bad that I don’t remember anything about it or the movie is so bad in my opinion that it failed to make a lasting impression on me.

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Anyway, there’s this X-Men movie memorabilia on eBay that all Hugh Jackman fans, or X-men fans, should check out. It’s the claw of Wolverine in the first X-men movie and it has been autographed by Hugh Jackman himself.

Starting bid is only US$500 and the auction runs for five days until 6th May, 2009. What do you think of this auction? If you are a fan of Hugh Jackman, Wolverine or X-Men, would you like to own this piece of movie history? How much would you be willing to pay?

eBay auction: HERE

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