Introducing Healthy Living To More People

My friend told me that she would like to bring her health supplement business online to introduce more people to her products. Granted, she is passionate about her products and their effectiveness but her idea is not so much to expand her business

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but to allow more people the chance to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

This lady proposed that I joint venture with her by taking care of the online store but frankly, I don’t know how effective I would be in this partnership since I have never tried any of her products before. In fact, I have tried a weight loss supplement only once and it’s not even her brand. LOL

Also, right now, I have so many commitments that I only have time to do the most essential of things for my own store. My friend says I do not have to give her a reply now. If my time frees up a little in the next couple of weeks, I may give this venture a shot!

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