Lelong On Facebook

It’s funny that after all the suggestions for Lelong to create a Facebook page, they took up the suggestion, went to Facebook and created a user profile, much like what you and I have, as you can see HERE

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. Lelong is in “an open relationship” LOL!

Now, what Lelong should do is to create a page, and not a profile, but I guess they are right when they admit that they are old school playing with a new toy.

Even though I have been on Facebook for quite a while, it was only a few months ago that I created a page for my CyberPartyGal’s Webstore online store. I also created a community page for my neighborhood.

At this point though, the pages I created are empty because I don’t have the time to beef them up with content. I only created the pages so that I could sort of book the names first in case they are taken by someone else before I do.

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