Listing Lookalike Mobile Phones In “Others”

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I am happy to note that Lelong, with effect from 5th May, 2009, has taken the initiative to remove all lookalike iPhones from the Apple iPhone category on Lelong. After all, a lookalike is a lookalike and should not be listed under a branded category.

This should apply to all lookalike phones as well, not only Apple iPhone, and Lelong seems to be taking the right steps in cleaning up this irregularity that unscrupulous sellers try to take advantage of.

Right now, Lelong has disallowed the listing of Nokia lookalike phones, probably upon warning from Nokia, and more brand names are expected to follow suit, which is just as well. Who needs lookalike phones to clutter up the auction site?

Oh, one thing to note is that if you are a seller of lookalike mobile devices on Lelong, you should list them under the category of “Others” or you would be deemed to have listed your item in the wrong category and list having your listing removed. Whatever fee that you have paid for your listing will not be refunded.

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