New Watch Or New Watch Band

I am in two minds lately. I have a watch with sentimental value that needs a new strap but I am unable to find one that matches the face of the watch. Sometimes, I think that I should just buy a new watch just to avoid the trouble of looking for a matching watch band.

But sometimes, I would tell myself that I really should make an effort to repair it. After all, it still works and just needs a new strap and like I said, it is sentimental to me and I would like to wear it as long as possible.

Since I am already tired from searching local stores, my friend suggested that I look for it online. There would be a wider selection of watch bands to choose from and true enough, Watch Style offers many different types of leather watch bands from solid colors to

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Lizard Watch Bands though I am not that bold to wear lizard, crocodile or shark watch bands on my wrist!

Even though now that I have already found a suitable watch strap I am still thinking if I should buy a new watch or just band. After all, a new watch could be way cheaper and I AM cheap! LOL

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