No Air-Conditioning In My Office

Regular readers would know that I work from home. Some, who know where to look, would even have seen pictures of my home office. It’s nothing fancy but I keep it neat.

The other day, a friend, who is also a fellow home office worker, told me that her air-conditioning has broken down. She is thinking if she should get the old, noisy unit repaired or just buy a new one. The economy isn’t too healthy right now and no one wants to spend unnecessarily, right? But then we still have to see which is more economically viable.

Her lament made me realize that I have been missing the air-con since working from home. It’s funny that when I was employed in an office, many of my colleagues would argue over the temperature to set. Some would think it’s still too warm even when the temperature is so low already that I would be in my Icebreaker

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fleece top. I guess the threshold of temperature for each individual depends on the percentage of body fat we have!

I decided to do without the air-conditioning in my own home office and just rely on the ceiling fan to keep my overhead costs low. Air-conditioning would run up my electricity bill and frankly, I could hardly afford to fork out an extra few hundred bucks to Tenaga monthly just so that I could work in luxury. Even if I could afford it, why should I? I really think that there are more useful ways to splash the moolah than lining the pockets of Tenaga bosses!

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One thought on “No Air-Conditioning In My Office

  1. I think it’s wise not to have air-con if you don’t need it! It can not only rack up your electricity bill but can also give you more colds than not having one.
    And yes, there are more creative ways to spend your money than on bills! A holiday or some nice masage maybe? Haha, I’m thinking of myself here!

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