SNES Earthbound Sold For US$1,025.01 On eBay

A friend told me that he’s addicted to this game called Earthbound and I was like, “How addicted could one be to a game?” I mean, I do play games as well and I know how it is like to spend more time that one should on a game and in fact, I’m playing Playfish’s Pet Society and Restaurant City on Facebook currently.

But then, my friend says that I wouldn’t understand unless I play Earthbound. Errr…. is it addictive? Then thank you very much! I know how obsessive I could get. LOL

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Imagine my surprise when I read that there are Earthbound fans crazy enough to put in bids for a sealed copy of Earthbound which was ultimately won by the craziest, or luckiest, Earthbound fan at a price of US$1,025.01. Gosh, imagine how many copies of OTHER games I could buy with that money. Wait a minute… since when do I BUY games? Hahaha!!

eBay listing: HERE

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