Applying For Offshore Bank Account

Years ago, if you have an

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Offshore Bank Account, people would jump to conclusion that you are indulging in illegal business activities but it is no longer the case as more people realize the benefits of holding an offshore bank account.

For companies that conduct business internationally, having an offshore bank account would truly provide the company with an international presence. In addition, with an offshore bank account, one would have access to diverse financial services, facilities and products which may otherwise be unavailable in our own country.

An offshore bank account provides offshore asset protection and I understand that it would be out of bounds from local taxation and you no longer have to worry about paying corporate tax of 25% (or more) if you run a business! Don’t we have better uses for the money? Frankly, if I have a more successful company, I would get an offshore bank account as well!

Also, the good news is that it is now a lot easier to apply for an offshore bank account, either personal or corporate, thanks to services offered by AGPI. If you are interested, you could start by contacting AGPI through phone, Skype, email or the contact form available on their website.

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