Human Ashes On eBay UK

The Sun UK ran a piece of news about this guy, William Ireland, who has placed his father’s ashes on eBay as a revenge attempt on the father for leaving his family for another woman years ago. Like the dead would know what we do to their ashes. LOL Reading the article, it looks like the revenge is not so much for leaving the family but for not leaving his estate to his first family but to his second family.

I did a search for the auction on eBay UK to see if there are any interests for human ashes at a starting bid of £0.99 but I couldn’t find it. I guess eBay has removed it and I am not surprised since trading of human ashes is a violation of eBay policy.


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The Sun UK

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One thought on “Human Ashes On eBay UK

  1. Try seek and klick “cached” on the first result in google. then you will see the remains of the auktion. its not there but you can still find the “cache” version of it.

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