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As you probably already know, I sell lingerie online though lately, I am having a sabbatical due to other family commitments. I feel bad when my buyers ask if I have new stocks already and I have to tell them that I don’t, even though in reality, the stocks are with me but I just can’t find the time to list them online. There’s a lot of ground work to be done, you see.

Well, sexy lingerie

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and costumes are highly sought after gift items from guys based on my own experience but I know of ladies who would once in a while buy them to surprise their significant other on a special occasion.

I got to know of this website called NetPinky that offers sexy lingerie for women of all sizes. A lot of women tell me that they are unable to find sexy plus size lingerie. Judging from the items that are sold here at NetPinky, I think these women did not look hard enough!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for sexy lingerie, bridal lingerie, party costumes, plus size wear, hosiery or other intimate apparel, NetPinky is a good place to check out. I am sure you will not be disappointed with their selection of intimate wear.

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