Traveling With Children

A couple, who are family friends, recently went to the United States to visit their daughter, new son-in-law and their two grandchildren. It must have been quite a shock for all of them since they have not seen their daughter for almost ten years already and this is the first time

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they will be meeting their Korean son-in-law and two toddler grandchildren!

The daughter wanted to take her parents to visit Niagara Falls. After all, what is a holiday to the United States without a visit to Niagara Falls, right? After some consideration though, she realized how difficult it would be to travel with an elderly couple and two young children!

Our friends told us that in the end, they did not manage to visit Niagara Falls, which is a 12-hour trip each way, during Memorial weekend holiday but the son-in-law promised to take them to Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, which is also in Tennessee, their home state. It is going to be a short time on the road but would still make a memorable family vacation!

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