Be Prepared

I was shocked to learn that my neighbor has passed away. As I am writing this, the family is preparing for his wake. I don’t know what happened to him because it is still too fresh to ask but I certainly did not expect it as he was still quite young. Or rather, he had a young family.

Although death is a part of life, I think no one can really prepare for it. The shock of it actually happening could be very difficult to bear. This is all the more difficult if we are financially unprepared to bear the cost of the funeral. What would be worse is the change in lifestyle that the family faces now that the breadwinner is no longer there to provide financial support.

When something like this happens, I am reminded that I need to request for life insurance quotes

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as soon as possible. Life insurance is like an umbrella, we don’t really need it unless it rains and when it does rain, we would be glad that we have an umbrella to use.

Luckily requesting for life insurance quotes and even buying one is now just a mouse click away. I wouldn’t have time to go to all the insurance companies asking for quotes!

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