Continuous Uptime For Mission Critical Email

Running a small business, I have to regularly send out hundreds of email messages to update my customers. I thought that was a lot already since it is beginning to feel like a chore until I learned that a friend’s company is sending this amount of mail every half hour!

Recently, I was having issues with my email client which caused a lot of frustrations with the delay in dispatching those email. I wonder how my friend’s company would cope if there was any downtime in their email server. I guess there would be a great backlog!

Of course, this frustration could be avoided if one has engaged the services of a reliable email

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Exchange Server. hosted exchange for mission critical email is tailored for the needs of companies of various sizes from smaller enterprises to medium and large that could accommodate more than a thousand users.

The benefits of engaging the services of a hosted exchange provider like those by are manifold; the most obvious is increase in productivity. Besides being cost efficient, a hosted exchange like this allows for access to email, contacts, calendars and other data anytime, anywhere. This is especially useful for companies with traveling executives and managers.

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