Cost Cutting Measures

A friend told me that his company is in quite a bad financial shape. Well, whose isn’t during these slow times? Still, no matter how we KNOW that the economy will turn around sooner or later, we have to be practical and make changes to our company to suit the times.

My friend was saying that he has already trimmed his company’s expenses and doesn’t have anymore ideas on what to do to reduce overhead costs until I told him about adopting a vehicle reimbursement program for his mobile employees.

Instead of providing a free car for each of his salesmen, by adopting a vehicle reimbursement program, my friend would be able to reduce liability, costs and risks when his sales employees use their own car but make monthly reimbursement claims.

By paying

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Car Allowance to each mobile employee that is tailored to individual usage, the company does not have to bear the cost of maintaining a slew of cars, which is often times, misused by the drivers, frankly speaking!

My friend thought that it would be a lot of work adopting a vehicle reimbursement program but companies like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. has made it really easy for companies to calculate reimbursement rate for each mobile employee.

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