eBay Top-Rated Seller Program

eBay has announced that beginning October, they will be launching an eBay top-rated seller program which is specially created to fit in eBay sellers who do not have the sales volume to qualify to be PowerSellers but still have excellent feedback rating from buyers.

However, there will still be a minimum sales threshold to qualify, though it is a lot lower than what is currently required to qualify as a PowerSeller and enjoy PowerSeller discounts.

According to the press release by eBay, to qualify for eBay’s top-rated seller program, sellers would have to achieve a minimum of a hundred 100 sales with a total value of at least US$3000 on eBay annually.

If you are wondering what advantage one has by qualifying for eBay’s top-rated seller program, it is a 20% discount on Final Value Fees and a “Badge” to place on your item page. I guess the virtual badge would show your sellers that you are a trustworthy seller.

Anyway, perhaps there would be further advantages that have yet to be revealed. stay tuned.

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