eBay UK 10th Anniversary

It’s hard to imagine how fast time flies. eBay UK recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and it seemed like just a couple of years ago that eBay was launched and then spread out outside of the US and across the Atlantic and eventually to Malaysia. Did you know that they are already in Malaysia for almost five years and gosh, I have traded on eBay that long as well!

When eBay first started, it was like a virtual garage sale or car boot market where amateur sellers would dig around their homes looking for something that they no longer want but may still carry some value to another person.

Today, eBay is changing and we could find brand new items but with prices that are supposedly lower than what we can buy from local stores. This may not always be true, of course, especially when buyers go into bidding wars and inevitably push up the closing bid price.

Anyway, while some people say that eBay no longer works for them, I have to say that if that is the case, just move forward to greener pastures.

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