General Motors To Sell Cars On eBay

General Motors has gone into partnership with eBay to sell new cars on eBay, particularly eBay Motors targetting California for a start. At this point, there are no specifics yet but at least it is a little development for General Motors, emerging from bankruptcy.

There are already GM dealers selling cars online and even with this partnership, car buyers who are buying these cars would still have to go through a GM dealer, as stipulated by California state franchise laws, where car manufacturers cannot sell cars directly to consumers.

Some people are skeptical saying that a partnership between eBay and General Motors will spell death for both companies and GM would be better off partnering Amazon or setting up a standalone ecommerce site but at this point, eBay Motors remains as the top automotive website, garnering twelve million unique visitors per month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

It would be interesting to see what kind of sales model GM would be adopting online and the kind of advantages they offer consumers for purchasing GM cars online.

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