Work Uncertainties

Friends who are employed told me that they are envious of my position as a home based worker. They say that at the very least, I do not have to worry about going to work and getting the dreaded pink slip on fine morning, or arriving at the office only to find that it has been locked and the bosses have gone missing. Yes, I have read about these scenarios in the papers and these seem to be happening more often lately no thanks to the poorer economy.

However, truth be told, I am no better than them. Even at the best of times, I have to double or perhaps triple my efforts at work bearing in mind that there is no big fat pay check waiting for me at the end of the month. Sometimes, when the work bug bites, I would be so engrossed that I would miss my meals and friends would think that I am on the

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Well, it’s very true when people say that the grass is greener on the other side. I guess we really cannot tell if someone else has the better deal unless we are in her shoes. Right?

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