eBay Duplicate Listing Bug Reemerges

From reading the latest post on Auction Bytes

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, it looks like eBay’s duplicate listing bug is back, if it ever left in the first place. I first noticed this about a year ago. I usually do not check my “homepage” on eBay, just the back end side of it but the time that I did check, I found a couple of items that were listed twice. I deleted the extra listing since I only had one item to sell and it is against the rules to sell something that we do not have on hand. I didn’t lodge a complaint either since back then, listing on eBay Malaysia was still free.

Anyway, for people who pay to list on eBay, and the same items are found two or three times and charged two or three times for listing the same item too, this could be a real headache. While eBay promises to refund the extra charges it may sound easier than it would be!

So if you are listing something new on eBay or relisting, do check if your items have appeared two times. No, you are not seeing double. Hah!

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