Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus Software

A friend recently bought a copy of Kaspersky anti-virus software for his office computer. The software comes with an anti-virus download for smart phones that are valid for six-month. My friend gave me this mobile anti-virus because he could only think of me who uses a smart phone.

If you do not know, Kaspersky may be very popular lately as evident during PC Fairs, Lelong has been removing listings of Kaspersky anti-virus software and keys after being approached by Kaspersky Lab Sdn. Bhd. (SEA) who found pirated copies in the marketplace.

Lelong has warned that the identities of sellers found to hawk pirated software will not be protected. This means that if they are served a court order like Google has been regarding the “Skank” blogger case, Lelong would out the perpetrator. So be careful.

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