On Sabbatical

Many of my buyers were asking me if I have new stocks already. Well, I do but I just don’t have time to list them on my store right now, hence I am not able to sell my items. Because of personal commitments, I have taken leave from business. Actually, it has been 2.5 months already.

I know that once I stop and take a prolonged break like this, which could stretch for another three to six months, I can’t tell yet, I would have to double or even triple my effort in bringing back the business up to speed.

In any case, I am still keeping in touch with many of my buyers and I feel that many have moved on in life and no longer require lingerie gifts. A fresh start would require extra goodwill and effort in bringing in fresh customers. Trust needs to be gain all over again and this takes time.

Well, can’t be helped when I have other more important commitments!

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