Winning Ideas

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Being in business, one has to come out with new ideas all the time. Business is very fluid and it changes with time and trend. We have to think of which market we would like to cater to and come up with something different that is not yet available or at least an innovation that improves on an existing idea.

I am big on social gaming lately and I think that these creators of social games really have good ideas coming out with so many different games to capture our interests. These game companies are riding on the success and popularity of social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook or

Although many of these games are pretty similar, the company that could create a game that stands out would attract the bulk of the players. Social games on sites like Facebook and MySpace are not only for the young since many of my game friends are middle aged and some are already senior citizens but I have to concede that many players are playing to kill time. You’d be surprised that there are so many people around the world with so much free time on their hands they don’t know what to do but to play games like these with their friends, and even make new friends.

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