CIMB Customers Benefits Phishing Email

I have been receiving quite a number of phishing email attempts lately. Just today, one with the subject title: CIMB Customers Benefits from was filtered to my Spam Folder. For your information, I also received a similar email with the subject title: HSBC Customers Benefits a couple of days ago. It was from instead.

A friend told that I do not have to report these phishing attempts directly to the respective banks and that I could report to Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) instead at their email address

If you would like to do your part in reporting these phishing attempts, I am sure none of us could escape from them, make sure that you copy the full original email for MyCERT to do an investigation, including full headers.

To learn how to retrieve a full header no matter what email client you are using, check this page

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of instructions provided by MyCERT.

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